Samantha Elmhirst is also a successful author, publishing the feel good rags to riches ‘A Cat in Hell’s Chance: Lucky’s Story’. 


Synopsis – Corfu. An island famed for its sunsets over sandy beaches, a landscape of colourful wild flowers and a million olive trees.

When Beverley and her daughter booked their holiday to Corfu, as a treat and brief respite from their Glasgow lives, little did they know the events that would unfold from the moment they stepped off the plane onto Grecian soil.

The first few days are idyllic, until Bev begins to notice there’s a darker side to this so-called paradise. She soon realises that cats here are looked upon as little more than vermin and getting them help is near impossible. The worst part? On this jewel of the Ionian sea, there are thousands of stray and unwanted cats and kittens.

One evening on their way to the beach, Bev and Lucy discover a tiny kitten living in a storm drain, so they are determined to find it a home. Especially Bev, who is filled with loneliness and grief. What she sees in this kitten seems to mirror her own life and recent tragic losses.

Their holiday quickly turns into a journey very different from the one originally anticipated. But journeys can take on many different forms. This one transforms not only a kitten’s life, but Bev and Lucy’s too.

Lucky’s story is one of hope, from the heroic work carried out by animal welfare charities on Corfu, to seeing what world-wide community kindness can achieve. The Power of the Paw is a mighty thing indeed.

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